IOS 16, Sound recognition -> Siri shortcuts -> Homey

Looking at some apple notes, you can add your own custom sound recognitions.
Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition , then turn on Sound Recognition . · Tap Sounds, then turn on the sounds you want iPhone to recognize.
However i dont see any option/setting there, just the standard ones.
Might my phone be too old? Iphone 8 plus
Can anyone confirm that they do se a “custom sound” option

I think you are on the wrong forum?
This forum is not about iPhones…orr apple funtions

Maybe i should have stated that i use the sound recognition in a siri shortcut that starts a Homey flow.

Re-checking to see if this was posted in the Off topic section. Check.

i tried it on my iphone 13 max pro but it does not reconize homey sound as a device sound sound and does nothing to it. You have to learn the sound 5 times, but i played the sound on my iphone 11 pro 20 times, but 0 times it is reconized.

nice idea, but it doesnt work, sadly.

Ok, then i know the option is available on newer models only. Thank you for the answer.