ioBroker adapter


The only thing missing in Homey is Enocean which can easily be fixed with ioBroker and a RPI. I was wondering if anyone is willing to create such an adapter?

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Did you already try to record the 868 signals?

Homey didn’t record any signals. As far as I understand z-wave and enocean work on the same frequency but operate very different requiring different transceivers.

Homey does have a separate 868 mhz antenna and chip, next to z-wave (wel actually the same chip used by the 433 mhz option homey has)

Though enocean uses FSK modulation for its data, which homey can only receive a few seconds after it sends on that modulation (to receive an acknowledgement back), it can send FSK modulation signals just fine though, but pretty hard to do that without knowledge of the enocean protocol as it is a bit secure.

But i would suggest to add that to the app request topic

I already send a request to Athom but I am sure that definitely isn’t even close to being on the radar for the guys to implement which is why I think a iobroker adapter might be a good solution.