868 Mhz without communication ( new Driver )

At the moment I’m working on a driver for FS20. However, i have the problem thats no communication with the 868 chip. Zwave on the Zwave chip no problem. But as soon as I communicate with the second 868 chip nothing comes neither receipt or send.
Not over the Homey Tools or self-written programs on Homey self.
Does somebody has any idea ?


Depends on the type of 868mhz modulation, there are ASK and FSK.

FSK modulation is only limited to sending, and then listening for a OK responds back (which is only a few seconds), constantly listening for signals is not possible with Homey.
ASK modulation should be able to be listened to with Homey constantly.


an FS20 solution would be great! I am using those actors since more than 10 years. At the moment I have to run a Raspberrymatic + NodeRed + HomeKit and from there via Virtual Devices I can control them via the Homey app…but I would like to get rid of the Rapberry device…

Maybe there are more users here which are using FS20?!

Zou mooi zijn als er voor de 868Mhz wat ontwikkeld wordt, wij hebben in douche nu sensor hangen die ventilator aanstuurd via een 868Mhz stopcontact.