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I plan to buy homey. Currently I have Zipato and now bought a new house. Since Zipato is not offering a homekit solution, I plan to Switch to Homey. But some sensors/Switches are from Enocean. Is there any possability to use Enocean with homey?


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did you search the forum?

Welcome weissertigerXL.
I have an Enocean USB device plugged into a Somfy Tahoma. I know this supports the window handles from Hoppe but not sure what else. I have added support to the Tahoma app for but not yet provided that to the app developer.
I don’t know If that is of any use to you?

If you are interested in this route then you let me know what devices you have I will try to investigate that a bit more.

Hi sorry for delay. Are currently working at renovation of the house :slight_smile:

I am currently interesting in the hope handle and Jung wall controller/switches (which exist for zugebe and eneocean. And due to replacing of batteries etc. I find enocean Coll as well as for electro smog.

My favorite is homey… or homey (they support enoceon but it seems homey is better :-))

As well I need Apple HomeKit support.


Did you manage to get your EnOcean devices working with Homey?

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Si ce 3 years some topics ask to have Ă  solution for EnOcean devices.

What do you offer ?

I don’t see any evolution

Homey has some protocols but not be complete

There is no evolution currently in the Homey hardware, you can’t add USB sticks etc, as EnOcean seems like it will need its own chipset (in the quick reading I’ve done), like Zigbee and Z-Wave, so the right question would be, is it even possible?
As Homey doesn’t have such a chipset, and doesn’t look like it will get it in the future either.

Each protocol has its advantages and I like to mix and enjoy the advantages of each.
So I mainly use

  • EnOcean
  • ZWAVE (+)
    The strength of enOcean is to have components without energy or batteries and without maintenance. Ideal for added switches.

The Somfy Tahoma app is now in the store with support for the Enocean USB stick so that is one solution. A bit expensive if you don’t already have a Tahoma hub though.

Don’t forget the disadvantages.

Exactly, and there are so many protocols currently, so there had to be made a choice.
When Homey was being created several years ago, Enocean wasn’t that popular nor had it many manufacturers that made devices for it, and I believe that is still the case(?) compared to many of the other protocols.

Zigbee also has the energy harvesting ability like enocean has (see the Philips hue Tap as example), though that neither is supported by Homey (yet?), but at least could already with its current hardware.

Theoretically yes, but practically speaking Homey’s hardware is too limited to run a ZigBee 3.0 stack (especially as coordinator). I think some people tried running dedicated router firmware for ZigBee 3 on the CC2530 and there were plenty of performance issues.