I was slowly leaning towards Home Assistant as homey was lacking some things (like good zigbee) I find both systems have their pro’s and cons which makes me having 2 home automation devices right now :rofl:
Now with homey 5.0 I would like to do more with homey. The one thing I am really missing (I miss more, but this one is important) right now is ESPHome. I have a couple of sensors (temperature, humidity, light and motion) around my house running on ESPHome. In HA it is a breeze to integrate them and they are running real smooth. I am really happy with them.
Sadly there is no app for ESPHome right now. Is there a reason for this (besides me not making one…)?
@pavlo has made the Tasmota app and working really hard on it to integrate sensors. Could this be a replacement for my ESPHome sensors. I have some DHT 11 and 22, TEMT6000 light sensor and AM312 mini pir. I don’t mind switching to Tasmota if it works.


You could contact the developer of the ESPeasy App to implement The ESPhome devices.

Is it that “easy” then? Are they not 2 different things?

It’s all ESP , when you ask him, you know. It would make his App more universal.

That is true. I heard about ESPeasy but never looked into it. I will ask him what the possibilities are. thanks

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Just like a lot of Sonoff and Tuya devices :stuck_out_tongue:

The software and supported protocols are quite different, though (Tasmota is another firmware that runs on ESP’s).

Here is a ESPhome app