[Introducing] Homey Moods - Homey (Cloud) & Homey Pro (Early 2023) v11.0.0 - MobileApp v8.2.0 [Test]

I have not tested it since the app was in beta, and back then the lights shifted from what i had set them to, into some premade brightness and warmth.
Nice to see that it works different now :slight_smile:


Free for Homey 2023 users and existing users will need to pay a one time fee, sorry this is a weird flex move. Think I will stick with flows, a little more work to setup but onece created I see no benefit over Moods. As mentioned there are free alternative apps from the Homey Store.

Do anyone know if Moods will have the same feature as Philips Hue Scenes, with dynamic switching of colors and/or “burning candle” effect? Or is it all static colors?


Indeed I experienced the same: there is no visual feedback of the mood being saved. Missing a ‘succes’ screen with options like ‘i’m done/create another mood and so on. So it looks like nothing is happening and meanwhile your moods list gets blogged by dozens of the same mood and no delete option from within the app :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_tear: I’m on ios, Homey Pro 2023 11.0.0 and app version

Anyone else having the same experience?

I am trying to start a Mood “Woonkamer Afwezig” via Google. But Google returns Device not available (ingesteld)”.
It looks as if Moods are not synchronized between Homey and Google, although I multiple times have ordered to do so and the appropriate tickbox had been set.

Is anyone more successful?