Copy "Moods" form Philips Hue?


Did anyone manage to create “Moods” based on existing “Scenes” in Philips Hue?

Homey Moods is a nice new addition to the homey experience, bringing even more of your home under one app. Homey Moods also has a nice pre-defined collection of Moods, but I would like to create some Moods based on my existing and carefully crafted Philips Hue scenes. I hoped I could do this by setting the lights to the Philips Hue scene and then clicking “Custom Mood” (hoping this would take the current state), but no luck. Did anyone manage to do this without setting each individual light in a Mood manually?

What was the exact problem ?
the Custom Mood is afaik just saving the actual settings of al lights?

I want to base my Homey Moods on my already existing Philips Hue Scenes.

I can configure each Mood manually by setting each separate light to the same value as in my Philips hue scene, and do that for each scene in each room - but it would save a lot of time if I could create a new Mood by (1) copying a Philips hue scene (2) or the current state of lights.

Turning the lights on in the right colors and then creating a new mood by selecting the same lights doesn’t work?


That’s what I expected to work…

Why not select the Scene in Hue ? All lights are then set already to the correct color/ intensity ?

Then Select New Mood, select all Lights that are part of that scene.

Set Next Hue Scene and repeat …

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Hi @Dijker @HScholing ,
Thank you for the quick response and feedback.

I initially took the approach your suggest, but this did not work as expected. It seemed as if clicking “custom mood” would create new mood sttarting with a random color value (not the lights current state).

Now I see this approach does actually work, but there seems to be a bug with the Homey light cards (or the Philips Hue app).

It appears a Homey light card only reflects a color that is set by the Philips Hue app if the Light card in question is currently set to the same light scheme (multi color OR plain white light). eg:

  • When a Homey light card is currently set to red and “multi color” scheme and I choose an ordinary “white” color in the Philips hue app, the Homey light card in question does not reflect the “white” color. The Homey light card still remains red - though the actual light is now white.
  • When I switch the Homey light card color scheme to “plain white light” it now reflect the “white” light set by Philips hue.

Hope the explanation makes sense. I will test a bit more and report the bug. (not sure if its on the Homey side or Philips Hue app side).

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The dev of the Zone Memory app faced similar issues with Hue lights in particular as it seems.

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