[Introducing] Homey Moods - Homey (Cloud) & Homey Pro (Early 2023) v11.0.0 - MobileApp v8.2.0 [Test]

In the Same Zone where your Mood is Configured?

Or Edit a Mood on your mobile and select the Flow Tab, you are prompted what you want: A Flow With When … Mood was Set, OR a Flow with Then Set The mood:

OK thanks you I have managed it now. A bit obscure way of getting there compared to devices, zones and flows. One minor “bug” - There is no indication after Saving a mood in the Create Mood screen that it has been successful, so i ended up creating my mood multiple times.

These look potentially very useful. Will be playing with them

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Sadly another line on the homescreen of the mobile app. wich you cant remove

[FeatureRequest] Hide Favorite Devices/Moods/Flows from Home Tab

And Inform @Athom

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I have tried the Moods but I don’t see added value to this. You need to group lights if you want to let them act in the same manner (example 2 dining table lights). Also combination of color lights and white lights are a bit weird.
In my flows I also use transitions over time for dimming and color change (ie from blue to warm in 10 minutes or dim to a certain value in a certain time). This is not possible within Moods.

I have been testing Moods. I have 2 moods set now. One has 8 lights and the other one has 4 lights. When I switch from the mood with 4 lights to the one with 8 lights, the 4 extra lights come on and the other ones change colour. So far so good. But when I swith from the mood with 8 lights to the one with 4, the other 4 lights stay on. I would say that they should turn off right?

Can you explain why you think they should turn off if they are not part of the new mood?

Exactly what you say; They are not part of the new mood so I don’t want them to be on.

By that reasoning Homey should turn off all the lights in your house because they aren’t part of the new mood.

Yes Robert, correct. I have these 8 lights in the living room. One mood has 8 lights with the specific colours and the other mood only has 4 lights with specific colours. If I choose the one with 4 lights, the other 4 should turn off. Sounds logic to me. Or do I misunderstand what you mean?

From what I understand, Moods is just a system that sets all lights that are part of a mood to a particular setting. Which means that lights that are not part of that mood aren’t changed.

If you want those 4 lights to turn off, you need to create a mood with 8 lights where 4 lights get the correct color and the other 4 lights are turned off (not sure if the Moods system supports this though).

If you want to set a mood for lights ABCD, and you want lights EFGH (or any device) to turn off at the same time:

Yes, that workes. Thanks!

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You have to add the lights you want to turn off to the mood as well and turn them off in the mood settings:

I think this is a really nice addition, which does offer value over using flows in keeping things ordered and uncluttered. I always found setting scenes/moods in flows more difficult and time consuming. It also keeps controls together in Devices in the Homey app and integrates more easily with Alexa. Some nice features would be:

  1. Ability to save a mood from the current state of included lights, instead of the default - as stated by @celox. Scratch that, this does seem to be how it already works!
  2. Ability to adjust the brightness of a saved mood (without needing to go in and permanently edit), which adjusts the relative brightness of each included light.
  3. Creating moods from the web interface.
  4. Animated moods. Probably way down the line, due to the trickiness of implementing with multiple vendor apps.

Updated opening post!

Can you add this line below to that line? Thx!
But later this year it will be possible to unlock Moods for a one time purchase of €10

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Well… I don’t see were all the fuzz is about? I can understand if you have a lot of different lightbrands and want to combine them, then via this new moods system it kinda works? All my lights are Hue so the hue app does a lot better and wont be touching this

Why can’t the lights be turned off? So it’s very simple - either turn it on or turn it off. Now when you turn on the selected Moods, you have to switch all the lights on and off.

Not everyone has a Hue budget maybe?