Installation Qubino LUXY Smart Light not working with Homey Pro 2023 (Unknown Z-Wave device)

I have purchased an QUBINO LUXY Smart Light (order code ZMNHQD1).
But my Home Pro 2023 is not recognizing the device during installation. It installs the LUXY as an unknown Z-Wave Device.

Procedure i followed:

  1. I have installed the QUBINO APP (v4.1.1) on my Homey. And i add the LUXY Smart Switch (ZMNKAD). Here i already see a small difference. When selecting a device to add, the app options ZMNKAD as device, but on the delivery box of the Luxy i see ZMNHQD1 as order ID written). I do not know how important this is. But there is only one Luxy Smart Light device to select (and this has code ZMNKAD).
  2. I follow the installation procedure on the ‘Qubino Luxy’ to add the device. This all works fine. Homey acknowleges the key presses…
  3. I have entered the S2 Security inclusion, this works fine.
  4. Then when the device is added, i get an error message.
  5. This error message is that Homey could not find an installed APP for this device. And it therefore adds the device as an ‘unknown Z-Wave Device’.
  6. But because it is now a ‘regular Z-Wave’ device, i can only control it ON and OFF. This means i cannot use the device for my purposes (i want to control the different light colors as a visual indicator).

Does anybody know what can be the issue here?
I have tried 100x times already, also tried the removal procedure (with success) and the factory reset procedure (with success). I have also tried deinstalling the APP and reinstalling it, all does not help.
PS: I think the Homey Qubino APP (v4.1.1) is not recognizing this QUBINO LUXY Smart Light (ZMNHQD1)? but Homey made a YouTube video about adding this device, and there it works without issues…

Any help is much appreciated.

“This error message is that Homey could not find an installed APP for this device”

Even though your device looks like a device that’s supported doesn’t mean that it uses the same internal identifiers, which is how Homey knows which app supports which device.

Try installing the test version of the app: Qubino | Homey

If that doesn’t solve it, contact the app developer (details on the app page).

Dear @robertklep,
Thank you very much!
The experimental Qubino APP v4.1.5 did the job! :smiley:
This new App has two different types of LUXY Smart Light (ZMNHQD and ZMNKAD).
Thanks for your fast reply and help!