Insights CSV download time zone?

Hi. I am a new user (just bought HP23 2 weeks ago). When using insight for downloading energy data (CSV format) I notice that there are two hours missing. I guess this means that the exported data is GMT+0 (my zone is GMT+2)…

I ask just to make sure. I see no info on this documented.


Just a little tip at end: if you import numbers where CSV has period instead of comma (1.2 instead of 1,2) make sure you set import settings to English (USA) as locale when importing to spreadsheets. :slight_smile:

Homey internally works in UTC (GMT+0), so I guess it makes sense from a technological point of view (not so much from a UX point of view, though :man_shrugging:t3:).

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Okay. I guess we can trust this then. Maybe Athom could update with this info?

For info:

Z / Zulu Time Zone = UTC

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ah that explains it. thanks