INNR, Plugwise and Ubisys Zigbee Apps

Great, I hope the plug becomes more stable.

Many times it’s gone from the zigbee mesh, as a result the plug won’t work, but also the devices that used that plug in the route.

I know that there have been firmware updates for the Plugwise devices regarding Zigbee stability. Unfortunately, Homey does not support OTA firmware updates.

Ah, should I download a plugwise app (android) to get this firmware update or what is the best way? Right now it’s only connected to homey

Unfortunately you have to connect the devices to a Plugwise controller like the Adam. I would suggest to contact Plugwise support about it.

Hmm ok :frowning: how can I find out which firmware I have at the moment? Then I will check the new firmware changelogs (if available) and contact plugwise how to upgrade.

:thinking: that’s a good one. I’l check if I can integrate it into the app.

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Testversion available:

Unfortunately no firmware info (yet). Awaiting info from Plugwise.

Feedback very welcome!


New Plugwise.zigbee app version available with firmware info.


That’s a new version for homey V5? I can use that one to find out the firmware once V5 has been released, I suppose. I’m still on 4.2

Yes indeed V5

Working on the Ubisys App for Firmware V5. Unfortunately implementing the input configuration option is at hold at this moment due to a limitation concerning datatypes. Awaiting feedback from Athom.

First version regarding 2. relay of the S2 and S2R is on github now. Keep in mind that this is only for Firmware V5 and not tested yet.


Hello @kasteleman thanx for making the app compatible with Homey V5. For lighting i have mostly hue lights but I bought A RB 285C to see of the innr lights are just as good as the hue lights. I am very satisfied with the bulb , but since the update to v5, I get an exclamation mark in the device icon and when I try to switch the light on, i get the error that Homey was not able to initialise the zigbee device. I already reset en repaired the bulb but still same issue.

Edit: when I restart the app the bulb works again, until the next time

@Fiek, i asume you did not cut the power on the bulb. In what timeframe does this happen?

Sometimes my little daughter cuts the power

Ah, good to know. Then i can reproduce and have a look how to resolve it (if possible).

Thanx. If I recall correctly cutting the power in homey 4.x was no problem. But I understand the implementation in Zigbee is now different

I have tried the cc01250 commit with the Ubisys S2. Seems like there is some mix-ups between the two switches. It starts like this:

[S2_5502] [0] ZigBeeDevice has been initialized (first init: true)
[S2_5502] [1] ZigBeeDevice has been initialized (first init: false)
[S2_5502] [0] get → onoff → read attribute (cluster: onOff, attributeId: onOff, endpoint: 1)
[S2_5502] [0] get → onoff → read attribute (cluster: onOff, attributeId: onOff, endpoint: 1)
[S2_5502] [1] handle report (cluster: onOff, capability: onoff), parsed payload: false
[S2_5502] [1] handle report (cluster: onOff, capability: onoff), parsed payload: false

And then Switch 0 times out. And then I can use either physical input 0 or physical input 1 to control the switch 1 state in Homey. I never see any “[0] handle report”.

Also, may I ask the reason to create one device per switch? Instead of it being one device with two switches, as it was in v1.0.2?

@JonasKarlsson thx for testing and youre feedback. Can you contact me on slack for instance, so we can check some things codewise? Thx

De INNR RB 278 T lamp is na update naar V5 en app versie 2.0.3 niet meer te koppelen. Krijg als foutmelding: Kan zigbee apparaat niet initialiseren. PTP geeft ook geen uitsluitsel.

@Jacques_Derks in de vorige versie was nog alles ok? Dan dien ik nl even de verschillen te bekijken