Innr Lamp jumps back to standart settings when restarting light


I have an Innr Bulb montaged in a lamp which can be turned on and off by the normal clicker (button) at the wall.

The blub is also connected with the app. And setting a mode there works perfectly. However, when i shut down the lamp with the clicker at the wall (means it loses power) and restart it again it always jumps back to standart setting (means white color etc.). There must be a way to change this.

Please help. Many thx in advance.

From a very old post, it looks like this behaviour is built into the bulb and cannot be changed.

Thanks a lot

What a complete crap… anyone has experience with philipps hue? Is it there possible to change this behaviour?

Same question was asked today for the hue bulbs.

Thank you Roy.

However, i dont understand what it means to give them a structure in your flow. I dont have hue yet. Does this mean it works?

Hue can do this (via a firmware update) with the Hue bridge.

sorry i dont speak dutch.
Will it also work if i use a hue bridge on innr lamps?

Well, it’s a firmware update for Hue bulbs. The Hue bridge cannot upgrade innr bulbs so that’s not gonna work.

For the Dutch part: