[Info] USB Power Supplies and cables (for Homey Pro Early 2023)

Then we can only hope that Athom will produce the new power supply units in such a way that the drama comes to an end.
Homey and its power supplies have been a never-ending story so far.

Well, I’ve used the original Athom power supply for 2 years for the pro 19, without any issue. They are not all bad :nerd_face:
It’s not generic.
We never hear about the ones without issues, right? :wink::wink:

Indeed, also running original power supply for 3 years, never had any problems and my old HP2019 is running on 150% load…

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FYI, I have been relying on original USB cable shipped with Homey, hoping that this cable is well tested…still got videoCoreUndervoltageOccured randomly…replaced is now with shorted cable (branded USB-C USB-C 0.5m) and the error is gone even under high load. I must admit, I was not expecting that, as the current power supply I’m using, delivers about 5.2V - so I though even with longer cable the additional drop, if any, will be insignificant. (btw using Ethernet adapter, so voltage drops probably sums…)

In my case the same adapter (only black) didný work with the Original Homey USB-C to USB-C Cable and Ethernet Adapter. With a short (25cm) USB-C to USB-C Cable direct between Homey and Adapter it works without issues.
So results will vary…

This booster works
(Thanks @Davide_Zamo for the Tip: Power supply can cause slow Homey Pro 2023 - #116 by Davide_Zamo)

See the voltage drop, 5,55 Volt out and ~5,27 Volt at the end of the cable.


Is it the new replacement adapter?

Currently i I have only some dev apps installed and the CPU usage is low enough.

Nope, it is the old USB Adapter from the first Homey 2016, the Red USB Power Quick is from “wuzhi” and boosts from 5,15 to 5,55 Volt.
The yellow is just a tester to measure the voltage drop in Cable and connectors.
I also tested the last black USB-A to USB-C cable and that one also drops again up to max 0,1 volt but that’s enough then in the Homey. (seeing NO undervoltage issue’s anymore)

Where did you order the device? I found this one:

Looks the same,

I had to assemble the top and bottom self (8 screws and 8 busses and screwdriver included :wink: )

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@Dijker Is this the testing device on your picture?
Testing the resintance of the cable.


The Chargerlab power-z KM003C is also very good :+1:

Athom advice NOT to connect short cable from ethernet adapter to Homey.


You are right, I am wrong :slightly_smiling_face:
Corrected my statement above.

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If you read carefully:

“The Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter is designed to be placed near Homey Pro’s power adapter.

I’ll try this one.
DollaTek CNC USB TYP-C DC DC Wandler CC CV 4-13V bis 1-30V 2A 15W Leistungsmodul Einstellbares geregeltes Netzteil QC2.0 3.0 https://amzn.eu/d/brNoCR2
Some € more but fast EU delivery :grinning:
Difference is only the button so set target voltage.

No more patience to wait for the promised adapter from Homey. So yesterday I ordered the Raspberry PI 4 USB-C Adapter. But forget that this does not work with the Homey Pro ethernet adapter. So now also ordered a USB-C to USB-C connection.

For now with the Raspberry PI 4 adapter no more warnings from the Sysinternals app.
But only with WiFi for now.

Thanks @Dijker for the great app!

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