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I just set up my brand new Homey last night. It came shipped with an adaptor for Australian power, but the adaptor is pretty flimsy, and can easily come unplugged.

Can I use any 5v DC 2A USB power supply without blowing up my little white ball?

That will be correct. Just make sure the adapter is at least 2A!

Can I ask you mate where from you bought your Homey? Thought that serious shops here down under put the effort and change the adaptor all together with an Australian one.

Using mine with a 10W iPad adaptor since 2.5 years now without a problem.

Thank you both.

I bought mine direct from the Athom store. I too thought they would have sent an AU power supply.

Ah, OK. I’ve bought mine from Athom store, too. Before they had any Australian distributors.
At least yours came with an adaptor. My one came with nothing.

i guess i should count myself lucky. sort of.

I bought mine from Athom, it came with a AU adaptor - but it caused my Homey to restart every couple of minutes and delete my flows :stuck_out_tongue:

I also used iPhone plug which worked well, and currently just have it plugged directly into a belkin power board (2.4 AMP)


Thanks Jamie. I tried plugging it straight into the USB port of a 2.5 amp powerboard. Works perfectly.

Out of precaution I like to replace the original Athom power supply, cause I read too many strange issues that could be caused by a defective original power adapter.

Now I read the following in this topic:

I have two Ugreen power adapters from Aliexpress.

  1. Ugreen 5V
    5V - 2.1A, this one matches the original one

  2. Ugreen QC3.0:
    5V - 3A | 9V - 2A | 12V - 1.5A

    I have doubts using this one, cause it shows different voltages? :thinking: maybe someone can explain it. Will a device (Homey) automatically pick the right one. So in case of Homey the 5V.

Which one will you guys recommend to use with Homey Pro 2019? Or are both fine, as long it’s not the original Athom power supply? :laughing:

Yes, Homey will get 5V, the voltage is only switched to a higher voltage if the connected device (Homey in this case) asked for a higher voltage, but Homey is not capable to do that.

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It is for “quick charging”:

And indeed Homey does not support quick charge, but it will automatically use the 5V, so it would be usable.

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Thx @JPe4619 and @KvM for the quick replies :smile:

That explains the several voltages. Then I will go with the 5V - 3A, then Homey can ask for whatever current is needed.

Do you really think adapters from Ali will be better and more reliable?
I’d rather have a flickering Homey then a fire… The first one will be easily solved…

Not everything from ali is bad :wink:
That’s the same as saying everything from ebay or Amazon is amazing.

Ugreen is quite a popular brand, also sold by other webshops than ali, only ali is cheaper.
Everything is made in China…

It does contain the proper CE marking (Conformité Européenne), not the fake Chinese Export one :wink:

I know. But i really lost my faith in chargers… Bought some 3 times, 3 different brands and all three gave problems within 1 to 3 weeks.

First ones (3 cheapo Apple like mini chargers) all popped, smoked and stank from within 1 hour to 1 week, powering 500mA devices while they were supposed to be 1A chargers.

Bought another brand, which should have been a better “brand”. Lasted a week, then died without warning or notice.

Finally bought a more expensive one, 2A. Gave way within a week. Melted and almost caught fire. I was lucky to be at home and smelled it.

I buy really lots of stuff from Ali, but for me there are 2 things i will never buy again there, brand or not: chargers and things with memory (cards or USB sticks etc).

Okay that doesn’t sound promising indeed and I understand now the background of your comment :smile:

However I own a lot of Ugreen stuff: Cables, chargers (USB and 12V car), powerbanks. Never gave any issue or whatsoever and I use them several years now. I do buy from the official ugreen store and not some of the many B-brand stores that might sell fake ones for a few euro less. :crossed_fingers:

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Maybe i should take a careful look at those… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes and if you don’t trust Ali, then you can find ugreen at Dutch webshops as well. Like bol.com

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