Inefficient flow


I have a nice flow here, works fine,

but i suspect its highly inefficient,
This sending an order to the thermostat every 15minutes will empty the thermostat batteries, and create unecessary signals.

Is there something else i could put in the “when” that would make the flow more streamlined?

  • “This flow is started” is probably not okay as its for manual triggering only?
  • “the time is 07h30” would probably trigger it only once a day while the flow needs to be triggered twice a day

why you not create two flows:
at 7.30 set temp to 22
at 17 set temp to 19.5

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For now the flow wil be triggerd every 15 min 24/7, that works but you dont want homey to be unessery get triggerd.

I assume you only want to trigger it on 1 time a day and 1 time off… right?

If so just make 2 flows 1 for on and 1 for off

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The solution of @Martin_Tschanun will work fine.
After this optimization you will probably find the need to optimize more:
How about weekends? Same time?

I am a big fan of splitting up flows (see my post “how to structure your flows”

So to make it future proof and understandable, split it up:
Make separate flows for setting the temperature (like Martin proposed) but start them with “when this flow is started” or a virtual device.

And create two flows started by the times, these will trigger the flows create above.

Advantage: when you decide to have a different weekend routine, just add another flow with the desired day and time (and exclude that day and time from the other flow)

And you are futureproof: even if you have a different time for every day. If you want to change the desired temp to 21c, you only need to change just one flow.

I use virtual devices tomstart the flows

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