Help with simple harmonogram


I have a problem with schedule flow, maybe someone could help.
I want to do a simple automation with my water pump connected to a Neo Coolcam plug. I want it to turn on, on monday-friday schedule between 6 to 9 AM, and 6 to 11 PM, and weekends from 8 to 11 AM/6 to 1 PM. Otherwise it should stay off. Is it possible to do it with a single flow? What conditions should i use?

Unless you find another way to trigger the flow(s) then the time you want to turn it on, you’ll need at least 4 flows.

Would it not work with two flows using “or” and “else” in And and Then conditions? I’ve done something like that and the first set of hours is not working, but the second is, and i don’t know why.

You need a trigger, a trigger can’t be 6AM AND 6PM, as you can only have 1 trigger per flow, no matter what AND/OR you use.
So you’ll have to create flows like:
It is 6AM AND it is time:weekdays, turn on and turn off after 3 hour delay.

My trigger is Date&Time as presented below. Part between 18/23 works, but the 6/9 just wont. Any idea why?

That should work, test your flow when you’re in that time frame, and you’ll see errors why it doesn’t work.
Do keep in mind that it might trigger the flow at 5:59:99, so it isn’t 6:00 yet and it will take the full hour to retrigger.

Thanks, i will try with Every 1 minute and will see how this works.

Why you want to trigger the flow every minute instead to use 4 flows and one Timer?

I want to have one flow or schedule option instead of having to do 4 of them :wink:

But you still need 2 flows, because max 3 OR conditions are possible!

What is the problem with 4 flows? You can make as many flows as you want in homey… i have around the 200 flows i gess…

4 flows with 6 to 9 AM, and 6 to 11 PM will trigger 4 times a day.
1 flow with “every minute” will trigger 1440 times a day.
It’s just what u like.

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Just for the heck of it. Can you change the order or the cards?

First the time, then the day
Monday - Friday
18.00 - 23.00
Monday - Friday

Shouldn’t matter, but maybe you found a bug.

My theory is that it first matches incorrectly on the days.

What about using alarms for scheduling?
1 called PUMP WEEK ON AM
And so on for PM and weekends.
The flow would be
When an alarm goes off
And LOGIC : name tag contains PUMP
Then toggle state