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Hello there :-),

I wondered… I do have flows like :

Flow 1
When: the time is X
Then: start the flow 'set temperature 19 degrees in bedroom.

Flow 2
The flow’ set temperature 19 degrees ’ is simple:
When; this flow starts
Then: set temperature 19 degrees.

I do have them in 2 flows because I have a couple of flows where I want to set my temperature to 19 degrees. And when I ever want to change it to 18 or 20, I can now just change flow 2.

My question is: once I change the temperature in flow 2, can I also change the name of the flow or will that result in an error for flow 1 as it can’t find a flow with the first name anymore?

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The flow will run after u changed the name of it so that’s no problem. Only thing is it’s getting confusing because of the wrong names.

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So the new flowname won’t update in the other flow?

Nope. Maybe after a reboot but not gonna test that.

Aww, that’s a bit sad.
Guess I should keep the name the same and just call it ‘standard living room temperature’ instead of ‘19 degrees in living room’.

Thank you very much once again.


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You could also make 1 flow with a variable called temperatur. You set this variable to 19. At the THEN part you use this variable. Whenever you want you only have to change that variable. For instance change the variable into 20. That way you do not have to change your flow, but only the variable. Also you only beed to use 1 flow

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You kinda made my day, but I ll need to fully reprogram all my flows now haha.

Thanks alot :hugs:

To answer this, no it doesn’t rename after reboot.


Perhaps a further optimization of the usability:

  • Install the virtual device app
  • Add device
  • Assign name and select icon
  • Select device class thermostat
  • Select target temperature
  • create numeric variable (if not already available)
  • Create flow

As soon as you change the temperature on the “Thermostat” virtual device, the variable is adjusted according to the set temperature.