Ikea Vindriktning PM2.5 air quality sensor + ESP8266

Thanks to the work of github member “Hypfer”, it’s now possible to use the cheap IKEA PM2.5 sensors as a MQTT source. I set it up with my homey as follows:

  • Applied the hardware mod with a Wemos D1 Mini
  • Put the supplied sketch onto the D1.
  • Installed MQTT broker and MQTT client on Homey.
  • Set up MQTT on the D1
  • Create a virtual device on Homey (type: sensor, air quality) by using the Virtual Devices app
  • Add a flow to homey: "
    MQTT Client Trigger when a message is received on
    PM2.5 (virtual sensor) Set the value of a virtual sensor measure_pm25 to “message recived via topic”

It will work like a charm :smile:

And it’s pretty cheap for a smart sensor of this kind.

Find the github repository here:


Awesome find!

How often does the Vindriktning update PM readings?

A couple of times every minute.

Did you modify the .ino file or did you just uploaded it to the Wemos?

I didn’t modify anything, just uploaded it. Configuration is done through the web portal.