Any recommendation for air quality measuring?

Hello everybody!
Can you guys recommend me any air quality measuring devices compatible with HP 2023, I need to monitor VOC and CO, thanks!

Do you want hese in one device?
Because most are (T)VOC òr CO.
I haven’t found a combined one.

Or do you mean CO2? Because you probably want to place a (T)VOC sensor in another place than a CO sensor.

If two separate devices will do; search for VOC or CO in the Homey Appstore and you will find multiple.

Thanks for reply, yes, in 1 device, sorry, I need CO2 sensor and TVOC in one place, I know there is many out there, just wanted to know what are other people’s experience with them, using Homey

Netatmo Home Coach, works very well :grinning:

Thanks, I already bought Qingping Air Quality Monitor and very happy with it, I’m sure Netatmo is great device, but I want to monitor PM 2.5 and tVOC too, the only problem I had is that I can’t get the readings from my Quingping device on my HP 2023, but I guess its fixable and matter of time.

Ikea Vindstyrka

I can definitely not recommend Netatmo. Their devices are very unstable. they loose radio contact now and then and in a homey flow where they eg. control windows its pretty catastrophic.

Never had a problem with them, I have 4 in my home all stable.

Which IKEA app do you use for connectie with Homey ?
Do you require the IKEA gateway for this?