Air quality monitoring experience

I would like to monitor the air quality at home and I would kindly ask for other experiences.

So far I have seen several products but except a couple of them (mco home and airthings which are quite expensive) the vast majority are only capable of monitoring one or two params and sometimes as well expensive.

Among the information I would like to monitor I consider at least CO2, COV, PM2.5, noise and radon. Other information such as temp, humidity or pressure can be monitored through other devices I got.

Any homey supported technology and apps would be ok as far as it run locally but I would prefer either zwave or zigbee technologies.

Any experience on all of this?

I use Netatmo weather station, comes with a indoor module.

have a look at mcohome products like A8-9

If you want to measure radon I think there’re only those Airthings devices. However it was quite some time ago I tested them with Homey and hopefully the connectivity is better than what it was.

In my experience it makes most sense to measure CO2 and PM2.5, and also automate out of those values. VOC sometimes rises and you don’t know why, and radon value is good to know once, but is pretty stable and the long term values are more interesting than changes hour to hour.

I own the Awair Element, mainly because it does more combined compared to most others: CO2, VOC and PM2.5 (and temp/hum). No radon though. I also ruled out devices just bluetooth phone connections, this one has wifi. Quality also tested pretty good. I also have Netatmo, but that is only CO2 and noise.