Best devices for energy and air quality monitoring?

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I got my Homey Pro today, im new on the forum and i am now looking for a couple of new devices for my home.
Previously i’ve used google devices for entertainment, IKEA Trådfri for lights and shelly devices as switches and sensors.

  • I want to monitor the air quality in 6 rooms. So i’ll be needing a device for that. Since i’ll need 6 of them the most important aspects are price, reliability and looks.
    What devices do you recommend?

  • I want to monitor my energy consumption a little bit more and also be able to turn on and off dumb devices. i’ll be needing roughly 12 of theese. So im looking for a device for my poweroutlets mainly.
    The most important aspects here are also price, reliability and looks
    What devices do you recommend?


Price is high when you need more reliability so based on this and also as I use them myself on my Homey 2016 without any problems for 6 years now I advise.

Point 1 : Netatmo

Point 2 : Fibaro

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Very reliable and advanced indoor air quality meter is Air-Q. It is pricy though.

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I went with the Aquara Temprature and Humidity sensor. For a week they worked great and the prize is simply amazing. Thanks for the advices, will look in to theese when Aqara lets me down. :slight_smile:

You can use Netatmo for Temp / Humidity and CO2 PPM that is enough for me I think the AirQ is also great but way to expensive for what I need to know.

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