[APP][PRO] airQ advanced indoor Air Quality meter


airQ provides advanced indoor air quality data

Supported sensor data (depending on the airQ version):

  • Temperature
  • Humidity %
  • Humidity absolute
  • Air pressure
  • Noise
  • tVOC
  • SO2
  • CO
  • NO2
  • O3
  • O2
  • CO2
  • PM1
  • PM2.5
  • PM10

Furthermore the following information is supported:

  • Health index
  • Performance index
  • Dew point
  • Health alarm
  • Performance alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Gas alarm

The following controls are possible from Homey:

  • Sound beeper with duration, frequency and volume control
  • Blink LED’s
  • Reboot

setup in Homey

Having a fixed IP address for your airQ is preferred. When adding a device, enter the password (username can be left empty). If you left the password on factory default (airqsetup) you can skip this step and go directly to the next screen. All airQ devices in your network will be shown. After adding one or more airQ devices they will be added as a Homey device. Note that you will only receive data if the password is correct. If needed you can change the password in the advanced device settings.



Athom already approved it this morning. So you can install the app from here: airQ App for Homey | Homey

Note that the Homey app works with all the airQ versions they have available at this time.

Cool! Nice work! I wonder what SO2/NOx sensor they use. Seems to get similar values for those chemicals.

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Info on the chemicals and sensors they use can be found here: https://en.air-q.com/messwerte

SO2 sensor: The sensor we use has a strong cross-sensitivity to hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) and nitrogen monoxide (NO) as well as to ozone (O₃) and alcohols

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After new startup of the AirQ unit, it gives me a exclamation mark in homey pro 2023, and message (decryption failed, wrong password ?)

new installation of app : no result
reboot homey : no result
new password : no result

has anyone more ideas ?

Problem solved.

reset the password to the old one in de app of the manufacter.

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Hi, does this complex monitoring device working flawlessly with Homey Pro 2023?

Yes, I am using it for a few years already. Works perfectly :slight_smile: