Converting from Openhab to Homey - How to get Modbus and API data?

Hi all,

After using Openhab for 4 years and probably using 4000 hours, i decided to switch to Homey this weekend after my SD-card got an error again (lucky number six).

I love it so far, its easy, elegant and maybe also good enogh.

What im missing now is that i got some sensors that has a web API and some devices that are using Modbus.

What is the best way to do this? I want the sensors to be in the different rooms, and not just in a flow.

Does the MQTT client support this if i convert it to MQTT with an rasp? Or just getting the devices in a flow?
Does Home Assistant integration in MQTT Hub supports this?

I can translate all the sensor data into Node Red, Openhab or Home Assistant if thats easier?
Or can this not be done, and I need to buy more zwave devices?:man_shrugging:

Looking forward to hear what i can do? And happy to have my first post in this great community :slight_smile:

Hi, did you find out about the Modbus-part here?

Nope, but i solved it with using openhab to modbus then converted it to MQTT, then back into homey. So not a good integration at all.

Hei, har du funnet ut en bedre integrasjon av modbus tcip til homey?

Hei @Tommy_Rosland

Nei, bruker MQTT driver, sender det til NodeRed og gjør translaten der.