Connecting my heat pump via ModBus/RTU - first step: finding a Modbus/TCP gateway

I want to connect my heat pump (KNV 2125-12) to Homey, but it only has a Modbus/RTU connection.

So first I’m looking for any recommendations or experiences regarding Modbus/RTU to Modbus-over-TCP converters/gateways.
I found the MGate 5109 from Moxa, which costs a fortune. I would be willing to buy it, if I knew it is the right gateway.

Does anyone have any experience with such gateways? Any tips or hints? Is anyone interested in an exchange of ideas?

I would start looking for a way to build modbus rtu to mqtt converter.

Here is one example
Haven’t use it myself, but as an example.

If this converter can be made, then mqtt broker and client could be set to homey and the information can be transfered through that.

Have a look at this : Products | Heat Pump Control | Planet Devices

This has been resolved: contrary to the information by my installer, the NIBE heat pump already supports Modbus/TCP, so I don’t need any converter/gateway.