IKEA tradfri Zigbee issues


I am coming to you for help. I searched the internet, help, and the homey forum.
My issue is the following :
Overnight my 4 Ikéa Tradrfi shortcut buttons stopped working. So I restarted my Homey and my internet router without success. Unplugged, plugged back in, nothing either. I removed one to reinstall it. It was a failure. Ditto with the other 3. I then removed the Ikéa Tradfri app and reinstalled it. Another failure.
On the other hand, I had exactly the same problem with a Lidl led strip.
I’m running out of solution and idea, so I really need your help.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

What do you mean by “failure”? Did you get errors? If so, what where they.

It would also help to share more information about your Zigbee network: how many devices in total, how many of those are Zigbee routers (permanently powered devices), etc.

Thanks @robertklep for your interest.
I mean that the device don’t pair. It just keep trying again and again without error.
My network is composed of about 15 end devices. Without my Lidl led strip, only homey is router.

Recently I bought 2 Aqara magic cubes and I’ve got the same problem. Cubes doesn’t pair and no error.

15 end devices is really stretching it, Athom states here that “Homey can handle up to 15 direct ‘children’”.

I would suggest adding Zigbee router devices to you network. If those also don’t want to pair, you may have to perform a full Zigbee reset and start over.

Ok I understand what you say but why everything is ok a day and stop working the next day?
All the devices were connected before with no problem.

Zigbee operates on the same frequency as WiFi (2.4Ghz), perhaps one of your neighbours installed new equipment that’s causing interference.

If I reset the zigbee network, do I need to re-pair all my devices ?


Ok :cry: I’ll try that and head back here for results.

Don’t do a reset until you have enough (~5) Zigbee router devices that you can add first, otherwise it’ll probably not do a whole lot.

Many thanks for your help. It works now. I’ve to add all my devices and repair all my flows but it works!
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I just add 1 router and 5 end devices for now. I’ll see to buy others routers later.