Ikea Tradfri error

I have an Ikea Tradfri blub to light up by an trigger from a neo coolcam pir.
On some occasions the blub is not responding. Even when using the app of does not respond. I do receive an error when I use the app.
Amy idea what light cause the error?0_20181021_202140

I have the same with my +30 Ikea lamps.
The problem is within the Zigbee protocol Homey is now using.
They will have to re-write it to Zigbee 3.0 what will happen on firmware 2.1

Any idea when this will be released?

Nope it’s first waiting on the new V2.0 to come and when that is nobody know…
Hopefully soon, but that is what they say for a long time already.

did some of you got more problems with tradfri after the last update to tradfri? my app did update the 27.11.19. and my trådfri bulbs have been a bitt strange/off since.