IKEA leptiter - How to add device


Got six Tradfri Leptiter downlights. In the app, it says I have two options to enroll them:

  1. toggle power

  2. reset on/off six times)

  3. Homey app can’t seem to find any device. Eventually it times out.

  4. Since they are connecten in serial, I need to reset all of them at once. After reset I’m able to enroll 3/6. It is random which of the six who gets enrolled.

Is there any good solution for how I can do this without taking them down from the cieling?

I’m new to Homey, coming from Smartthings. At ST I could enroll many devices at once, or I could check the log, find the unit ID, and add it manually. Is the same thing possible in Homey?

Thanks, in advance.

Don’t think they are connected in serial, but in parallel, so you can remove 5 of 6 lamps and include them one by one.


Would like a solution where I don’t need to take them down from the cieling :+1:t3:

Let someone else do it? :wink:

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