IGMP Multicast to MQTT solution?

I have a doorbell that works on 433mhz and also connects to an app on my Iphone, for some reason I can’t get the 433mhz connected to my homey, so I can start flows. So I was digging into the network connection to my phone to see if I can get a way to capture that.

What I’ve figured out so far is that it sends out an IGMP v2 multicast, when I press the button, I have the source IP, the destination multicast etc from Wireshark. The big question now is, how to capture this request and send it as for example an mqtt request to homey? (have some pi’s, esp32 etc so hardware ain’t an issue)

I thought my node-red might be of some help, just use the multicast listener, but that needs a portnumber, which I cannot find in Wireshark.

If anyone has a solution it would be amazing

How do you phone and the doorbell connect to each other? BLE?

It seems strange that your phone sends an IGMP message (which is quite a low level protocol). Can you see the message type in Wireshark?

Sorry for my late reply, and maybe i didn’t explain it correctly, let me try to explain it a bit more (en ik ben Nederlander, dus als been DM makkelijker is dan hoor ik het graag).

What i’m trying to accomplish is to get my doorbell connected to Homey, since there is no app (or documentation about the API etc) it will be quite hard to set that up through an app, so I tried using the 433mhz which connects to the chimes, but can’t seem to get that to work either (or maybe I’m just doing something wrong)

So I thought, since the doorbell is a video doorbell, and sends out a signal to my phone app when someone is at the door, I might just snoop a packet and use that as a trigger (don’t need the video in homey, just the trigger when someone rings the doorbell).

I used Wireshark to see if I can identify a certain packet and noticed it will do a multicast every time you ring the doorbell, so that could be used as a trigger I would think. I have the multicast address, so now I’m looking for ways to connect that to homey. Since I couldn’t find any app to capture multicast I thought maybe my node-red can capture multicast (and yes there is a multicast listener for node-red), the only issue there is that it needs a portnumber as well, which does not show up in Wireshark.

So the big question now would be, what is the best way to approach this, is that through node-red (with mqtt connecting to homey) or maybe some other ways. Would appreciate some help

Can you show a screenshot of the Wireshark info for the packet in question? It’s possible to create an app for Homey that listens to multicast packets, but if you already have Node-RED running it’ll probably be easier to use that to capture the multicast data and use a simple webhook to Homey to start a flow when the doorbell rings.

Exactly, well i just have one running at the moment for testing, but I wouldn’t mind keeping it running if that is the easy way to solve this issue. I’ll send you a screenshot in a minute.

Sent you a DM with the screenshots