IDLock 150 and Cloud storage and Security system and Nookbox


I have ID Lock, Nookbox, IKEA and Plejd.
I cannot connect Nookbox(my alarm system) to my ID Lock. The functionality i want is to turn my alarm off when i open the door via ID-Lock.

I have the wish to set up the following functionallity:

  1. Turn Alarm off when opening the door -> also notify who has opened the door
  2. If alarm goes off -> start video recording.
  3. If smoke detection -> turn lights on and open door.
  4. If alarm goes off -> turn all lights on and turn siren on.

So i need alarm with motion detection, smoke/fire detection, temperature (my nookbox supports that today), but not the point 1 above.

So shall i replace my alarm and to what ?
Can i get nookbox to work with Homey ?
Does homey have a harddrive or where does it store the videos ?


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You can connect Nookbox and ID Lock.

Hi Eric
Is this to understand that NookBox and ID Lock works with Homey?

You can Connect id-lock to nookbox. Nookbox to homey is not possible so far i know.

Did you ever got NookBox to work with Homey?