Ibeacon connection with iPhone 13


Perhaps a stupid question but when I want to connect my iPhone with Ibeacon I see 17 bluetooth devices but not the Mac adres what I see in system on the phone.

When I disconnect bluetooth on the iPhone I see 16 devices in Ibeacon so my phone is there but I don’t see which one… any idea how to solve ?

iDevices send out advertisements with pseudo-random MAC addresses to prevent being tracked. Only if you know the key to unscramble those MAC addresses can you identify a specific device, but there’s no way with Homey to obtain such a key.

Thanks Robert,

Can you give me then some advise about what I want? A smart sensor that I can use to detect if someone is in the room and leave so I can let the lights and airco react ?

Is a MMwave sensor then the best option?

MMWave sensors are pretty good for that, yes.

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