Homekit iPhone 13 mini

Hello guys I have a new phone IPhone 13 mini and I want to add homey devices into Homekit.

I add devices and Homey is in there, but I can’t see temperature sensors. For example lights are working good.

What is weird, my wife has iPhone also (iPhone SE 2020) and she see also temperature sensors. What am I doing wrong please? Also u can see that my shades are like switch and my wifes they have more functionality.

Here are screenshots of my and her Homekit:

Which app are you using for HomeKit support?

I have installed in my homey this app

I would suggest using the current test version of HomeKitty instead of HomeyKit. I stopped working on HomeyKit and am focussing all my efforts on HomeKitty.

However, I can’t guarantee that it will work better, HomeKit has a lot of quirks and implementation issues on iOS which can cause problems. There’s not much I can do about that.

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Great now it works! Thanks.

But now I have another issue. When I am on the WiFi it works well but when I am on mobile data all of my devices are in “no response”.

Do you have a Home hub (like an Apple TV or a Homepod) correctly set up? If not, HomeKit is purely local.

oh…thats new for me, thanks. That Homepod is similar to Google nest, right? Now when is my family in Apple, maybe I should switch.

I don’t know how exactly the Homepod compares to Google Nest, but I think they are quite similar, yes. You need an “always on” device for HomeKit to be able to use it outside of your local network.