I no longer have access to Homey

My Homey is permanently offline. The problem for some time was more and more frequent but I managed to solve it by unplugging Homey then plugging it back in again. but this time impossible I am still disconnected and I no longer have access to Homey. Homey is right next to the internet box, the wifi works perfectly, I restarted my android phone several times. Apparently Homey continues to work since the shutters close in the evening and open in the morning. But I no longer have access to Homey. For information I changed the power supply of Homey.

Try a factory reset with the option to keep you’re data. That did the trick a my side.

thank you, but how do you want me to do a “factory reset” since I can’t access Homey? !

Just hold homey upside down
Restarting Homey Pro to Recovery Mode

Indeed but use Firefox as exploder on the PC and press ALT after language selection for the option to keep the data

on which Homey webpage? and with chrome or edge?

it can be done with the mobile app nowadays

But probably you’ll just have to adjust your wifi gear; Homey’s wifi chip still lives in 1995:

Also, (an) app(s) which uses over 80MB’s ‘chokes’ Homey’s wifi somehow.
When you’re connected, check Insights for ‘misbehaving’ apps

When I updated my Homey a few weeks ago, I also couldn’t get Homey and the wifi to connect.
I rebooted Homey, rebooted the router but nothing helped.
I then turned off the 5GHz wifi, restarted Homey and I had connectivity again. Turned the 5GHz back on and Homey is working again with no problems.
Both wifi channels have a different SSID

Hello, after an email exchange with support, I unplugged Homey, rebooted the router, waited a few more minutes and plugged Homey back in and it works !!

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