I am taking the Plunge with Homey - Any Smart Home Automation Wizards Out There?

Hey guys! :heart_eyes:

I Just joined the Homey crew and snagged a Homey Pro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I am pretty excited to jump into the whole smart home automation thing! But, being new and all, I could really use some pointers to get started on the right track.

Here I describe what’s in my mind about this:

  • Device Dream Team: What gadgets are must-haves for flawless Homey integration? Thinking lights, security cameras, and those fancy smart thermostats.

  • Automation Awesomeness: Anyone care to share some cool automation routines they’ve cooked up with Homey? Looking for creative or helpful stuff that makes everyday life smoother.

  • Appy Days: Which Homey apps just can’t be missed? Are there any third-party integrations a newbie like me should check out?

  • Troubleshooting Triumphs: Ever run into any roadblocks setting up or using Homey?

  • Performance Pit Crew: Any tricks to keep my Homey system running like a champ? Tips for managing network traffic or getting the most out of my devices?

  • Learning League: Got any favorite resources, tutorials, or forums where I can dive deeper into Homey and smart home automation in general?

I hope you understand my points and please suggest me the best solution for this. And I also check this : smart home explained and starting with home automatlooker But I have not found any solution.

Cheers :partying_face:

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Deniz Can :innocent: