Hunter Hydrawise watering system

The new hunter Hydrawise watering computer has a mention of an API in the web interface. I inquired the necessary information from hunter to see what the possibilities would be and this was their reply (so other people using homey are informed about the current status)
Thank you for your inquiry to access the Hydrawise API.

We are currently rebuilding our API access utilizing OAuth2.

Our Beta version of OAuth2 will soon be released, to a limited number of invited business partners we expect to have full version release in the first half of 2019.

The Hydrawise API will only be provided to business partners.

API access for private use is not scheduled for release until Nov 2019.

When we are ready for your team to work on the integration we will contact you.

This will include our:

  • Terms & Conditions of Use (Business Agreement)

  • GDPR Privacy Agreement, which must be signed.

On the return of the signed Agreement, we will provide login details and documentation on using your OAuth2 authorization and the relevant scopes.


Thanks for update Kevin.

I also have Hydrawise Unit and keen to see public API. Did you reach out to email on ??

Yep, got a reply from Anthony Long.

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Sounds not Bad, would love to install a hunter System next year too:)

Keep in mind when buying a hunter Hydrawise system, you loose one of the zones if you use a relay to switch on your pump

@Kevin thanks for this nessesary Info:)

Any update on this?

No I haven’t heard back from hunter. I have not been actively keeping watch on any developments on this topic. I have found some clues in the app itself.

Found this on hunter website:

Is anyone here using a flow meter in combination with hunter Hydrawise?
The hunter versions are very expensive, does anyone know a suitable AliExpress alternative?

Home assistent seems to have this supported.

The link seems to be dead. If anyone is up for the challenge to create an app, send me a pm I still have a local copy of the file.

Any update on this?

Would be curious as well if there would be option to develop a Homey app for Hydrawise.

If you are just looking for a new irrigation system then I can highly recommend the LinkTap values. Obviously ignore me if you already have the Hunter system.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your reply!

I already have a Hunter system for a couple of years, so would be curious if a Homey app can be created for this on the basis of the available API.

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Hi all,

It seems Hydrawise have an API available (Hydrawise API Information – Hydrawise)… Is anyone able to create a Homey app with this?

I just found out there is a free watering system available in the Netherlands. And Athom also created an app for it: Buienradar App voor Homey | Homey

Downside is that the app (or API?) is lacking control options. It only runs a single randomly chosen program.


Too difficult? Or just not funny? :thinking:

Hi, I am new on Homey and just transfering my devices from a Fibaro HC2. I have a Hydrawise Controller in use and was able to read the status via LUA script. Now I have to rebuild the http request in a flow or in homeyscript. Cab somebody support in this topic?
Best regards Juergen

I was able to manage the workaround in flows but not in an app.
I used the app HTTP request flow cards with card A22 GET JSONpath Better Logic.
In the first field copy the https api link including api_key.
In the second field input the data you are looking for e.g. relay[0].run
In the last field the name of the better logic variable you want to use.

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