Hue sensor & Sonos one SL, all the ingredients for a door bell?

Ok, should be straightforward, using hue sensor to trigger door bell via Sonos One SL.
But it is not. I get timeouts when trying to use a Sonos favorites or playlist flow card and similar to that also a timeout when trying to use the soundbar card (soundbar app is installed).
Any suggestions?

Suggestion: Show (Share) your Flow(s) where you have problems with.

Context: sensor 3 on door and nr. 2 in kitchen. When walking from kitchen to entrance no trigger, when opening from outside door a trigger.
Hereby an example of one of my attempts using soundboard:
Result: network request timeout
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Is it even possible to play a soundboard file to a One SL?

Good question, in the app release notes the One is mentioned, not the SL… Did not think (hope?) that would be the issue. But, then remains the problem that it is also not possible to select a sonos favorite or playlist (again the network request timeout).

Man u gotta love the Sonos app. But maybe try another thing u know it should work?

Actually I don’t. Use Spotify app and enjoy the sonos speakers. But looking for a solution using existing sensors and speakers for notification that someone entered via the rear door. Hue sensors are up&runnig fine, sonos speakers same. But open for alternatives. Anyone?

It’s a shame the Sonos app is hidden by Athom because the old app works fine with this.
Running 4.0.13 Sonos app and soundboard to ALL speakers is working like a charm.

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Does play a sound from URL also not work? If it does, you can use the miniserver app to store your sound.