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Play a temporary sound (bell) on sonos and go back to the music I was listening

Dear Homey users,

I woud Like to have your advice. I can not find an answer anywhere on the community.
I have a ring doorbell and I also use sonos. I would like to connect my doorbell to sonos. I know, It is not that difficult. So I have a doorbell sound which is played through Sonos when the doorbell is pressed. After the doorbell rang I want that Sonos plays the music I was listening before the doorbell rang. I am not able to create such a flow. Does anybody know how this problem can be solved?

Thank you very much!


The Sonos app should take care of that. Is working in 1.5.13, is not working in 2.0. Best thing to do is make an issue and hope they have time to fix it.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will make an issue. :+1:t2:

@Garejoost Are you using Soundboard? Then in the Speaker-card you can select a sound

But that would be 1.5.13 aye?

Yes, sorry if he is using V2.0, think it was not mentioned?

It wasn’t, ur right. Would be cool if peeps stating in their opening post what kind of FW they are running and what kind of SW versions of the apps they are using. But that’s why i said in my post

We have to guess, i know.