Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Would be nice to add this one to the Homey collection! Nice way to replace ambilight tv`s with other brands (lightstrips on tv), not only that but it goes beyond products like Dreamscreen and others.


My kids asked me if it was possible to control the lights in the game room depending on the PS4 game screen.
This Hue HDMI sync box is THE solution.
I have my entire ground floor configured using qubino and fibaro modules connected to homey, but I will make the move to Hue for the lighting in the bedrooms.
I hope I can connect it all to Homey to create some nice flows.

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Need to figure out a way to use it with my smart TV - with no longer uses hdmi input -

This device still needs a phillips hue hub. Unfortunately i dont have a hue hub since i connected my lights to homey directly.
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect this device to homey and let it use homey as a hub?

I very much doubt it.

Not satisfied with the product yet, it tends to stop syncing now and then, restoring the lights to previous settings (settings in hub) in the middle of a movie is a bit annoying. Hoping for a update regarding this matter, from philips of course.

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I am using this Sync Box and noticed after connecting Homey to Philips Hue , the lights connected to the sync box are not working good. Even a few lights did nothing. After rebooting the box that problem was solved, but the reaction lights reaction time of the lights is slower, much slower, after disconnect the lights from homey, the sync box Is working ok. So does anybody else noticed the same problems with using philips hue lights connected to Homey and using the sync box of Philips Hue

It could be the Homey Hue app polling the hue bridge too much causing the bridge to lag?

There’s already a suspicion that the Hue app could cause Homey to go offline (see this thread), and this seems to be related.

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Ok. Thanks. For some reason I had the same problem later yesterday. After disconnecting the philips hue lights of Homey. So I wonder what the real problem is. After that I connected the lights again with homey and the synchronization of the lights was ok. But before I installed the lights again in the entertainment room and setup the lights again in the Phillips Hue Sync app. I will see what happens tonight with the lights. When I started with the Philips Hue Sync Box there were no lights connected to homey, and there were no problems with the synchronization of the lights.

Yes product is not stable. Or we expected to much for 250 Euro:-)


Would be nice to have the sync box added to the Homey App, so it can be used in Flows.
One usecase for sure is to let Homey control the HDMI Port selection, so if you stream something to Chromecast (in my case on port 2) that Homey can switch the Sync Box to HDMI 2. When reverting back to watch TV (in my case on port 1) Homey can switch it back to HDMI 1.
Specialy for Chromecast (thats is always active) automatic switching is not working in these kind of setups.
Also the Claim stated on the App page (All official Hue accessories are supported) will be true in that case. :wink:

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Homey Pro reports “Tv on” when tv is already on (samsung app) therefor sync box interrupts and goes to “tv off” modus, restoring lights to previous settings. Deleting the tv on/off flows solved the sync issues, my bad!

I am really interested in how to use Homey with the Synch box.

I have the hardware installed and the Homey Philips sync app installed.

And now, what to do?

AFAIK, it’s not supported.

If you have the hue bridge then you can add it to Homey like any other device that is connected to the bridge, don’t think it will be possible in the near future to add it directly to Homey.

Would not add it to Homey through bridge either, slows everything down and your lights go on and off during your movies. The sync box works perfectly from bridge and the original app, no reason to involve Homey.

I cant figure out how to start syncing the bulbs with flows. Only turn the sync box on or off. And thats useless.

Yup. Been trying to do the same. It is possible activate music and audio lights with Home Assistant … yet I bought Homey instead … and the app does not support it.