Philips Hue Labs integration

Knowing Philips Hue Labs is playground for testing things, I was wondering if anybody actually have had success in managing “TV Mimicking” from Homey?

Basically, I just want to enable some of my Hue lights in my living room, when not home.
I can manually go into the Philips Hue Labs and schedule it, but it would of course be superb to have it integrated with Homey :slight_smile: …Then I can also check if curtains are down :wink:

I have tried to set blinking color cycle in a flow from Homey, but It doesn’t really look like a TV playing. If anyone have suggestions I’m all ears :slight_smile:

I have thought of adding a hue light to a fibaro switch, and simply just turn it on when arming the house, while the TV Mimicking is always enabled on the specific light.

I don’t think so. Labs are programs/scripts downloaded and executed on the Hue bridge. If you connected your bridge to Homey you can still use Labs from the Hue app.

Never used TV Mimicking, but I did use No Motion, No fuss. But that one is easy to program in Flows.