Toggle Hue labs scenes via HomeyScript

I happily make use of the Hue Labs scenes. Only somewhat annoying is that you have to open the app, select the bridge, go to hue labs and then toggle the scene on or off. That could be easier I assume.

Scenes in Hue Labs are not available in Homey. Only with some tinkering it would be possible to toggle them with the Hue API. With the addition of Homey Script in the webapp I was curious to try of this is possible. Only I do lack the javascript knowledge and experience to get this working. Therefore I wanted to ask if someone on the community has this experience and can help me with this script.

What I have done

I made a ‘local user’ on my bridge. With the CLIP API debugger I can approach my bridge as documented by Hue.

The blogpost below explains how Hue labs scenes can be approaches and toggled via html.

So I have found out which sensor ID’s on my bridge are matched with y hue labs scenes. Only the sctipt provided in the blogpost names a PUT action to toggle it on and off. I am not able (with my minimal knowledge of javascript and google skills) to get this working in Homeyscript.

Are there more users with the wish to use hue labs scenes in Homey and is there someone that can help me with the script? Much appreciated!

Have you tried using the built-in Logic “Make a web request” flow card? Seems to me that should be a bit easier to get going than writing a custom Homeyscript script.

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Thanks @robertklep this did the trick! Did not know of this flowcard and made my life way easier.

Could you maybe make a step by step guide on how to execute Hue Labs?
It would be awesome to execute tv mimicking


Good idea. When I find the time this week I will give it a try.

I posted the tutorial here: [HOW TO] trigger Hue Labs formula' in Homey

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