Hue Missing owner name in cards

Recently several of my flows do not correctly work correctly with Hue anymore.
This the case for example if I want to turn all the lights off in a room, or set a scene in a room.
The only cryptic message in the card is the text Missing owner name.
Kind of a strange error because in the past I could set a Hue scene for a room.
The workaround is to modify the scene and for each Hue lamp turn it on or off individually. See screenshot with the message.

I have “missing owner name” in flows without Hue. Even when I rebuild the flow, that text is still there. It think it is when using zone names. Although most of that flows still work here.

A while ago there was an issue with zones with identical names.

Did you try to rename/reorder/recreate the zone?

I created a new zone with a new flow. As soon as the flow is saved the “Missing Owner Name” message is there. I think I have to report this to support.

Thanks, I tried it also and have the same issue.

I have reported the issue to support

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Athom informed me it is a known issue and working on it. No indication when it will be resolved.