Philips Hue Wall Switch - Missing cards

Good evening,
I am trying to integrate a Philips Hü Wall Switch into Homey Pro. Unfortunately I am missing the following cards:

  • Button (1) has been turned on
  • Button (1) has been turned off
  • Button (2) has been turned on
  • Button (2) has been turned off

I see the following on my HomeyPro

The Hue app is configured with press.

I would be very happy if someone has a tip as to why I can’t see the cards.

Thank you very much and have a nice evening.


I can’t imagine 2 cards are missing, it probably works with a logic condition, but I might be wrong here

Now when you add the logic card to your flow, click on the ‘tag’ symbol in the textfield on the left, and then you’d see a tag at the top of the dropdown list, under ‘This Flow’. It should be a green tag

I use [button] in my example below

It should work something like:

-AR Wall Switch button (1) has been pressed
-logic card [button] contains ON

-AR Wall Switch button (1) has been pressed
-logic card [button] contains OFF

Hi Sebastian,

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:joy: Sorry Peter, but in the Fibaro app from Athom there are also some flow cards missing for some devices, also turned on/off for light switches. I pointed this out to Athom years ago and they haven’t added them yet.
Btw, if the capabilities are available and just the flow cards are missing, for what reason ever, you can do it with the Device Capabilities app and this flow card and logic cards:


But I guess this is not the point of Sebastian, because in the App Store the mentioned cards are available for the Philips Hue Wall Switch:

@Sebastian_Kn, because this is a user forum and your posts and questions will not be read by Athom, my suggestion is to contact the support from Athom:

Good evening Peter and fantross,
thank you so much for your answers and ideas. I have contacted Athom directly and got the following answer:

Jan 11, 2024, 15:18 GMT+1

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for contacting support.

This issue with the Module for Philips Hue is indeed known to us. We have already made a test version of the Hue app with changes to the devices. You could try and install this version of the app: Philips Hue | Homey to see if this resolves your issues with the missing flowcards! From the snapshot on the apppage it seems that these flowcards are available in this build of the app:

Please let me know if the test version solved your issue!

PS. you can simply install this version directly on the Homey Pro which will overwrite the current version but keeps all devices which are already currently connected.

As I am new, I am not quite sure if it save to install a beta/version in test state. But it seems that the missing cards will come with the next version.

Best regards


No problem, Sebastian.

From what I experienced, beta/test apps are fine to use in general.
And when there’s bugs / issues, just install the stable app version again, without removing the test app. And share the issues and your findings with the developer!:wink:

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As Peter said. You can easily return to the stable app version. So there is no/slightly risk.

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