HP23: Hue wall switch module - rocker mode

I have multiple Hue wall switch modules. In the hue app added as rocker switches.
In Homey i only have the card “when button is pressed”.
Not the cards “button has been turned on” or “button has been turned off”.

How can i solve this?

I believe the cards you need only available if the switch behavior is configured as simple on/off. But this must be done before you add the switch into Homey. If you change the behavior after the inclusion into Homey, then the cards do not change from button pressed to button has been turned on.

See below my config into the Hue app:

Then the result after I added the switch into Homey.

If I now go and change the behavior to “scene cycle” instead of “simple on/off” into the Hue app, the cards do not change to when the button is pressed.

Hi, did you succeed? I have the same issue. But whatever I do and however I configure the module, I can’t get the extra “when -cards” to appear.
If you succeeded, exactly how did you do it?
Thanks so much!