Weird behavior switch toggle

Hey everyone,

I’m currently migrating my Home-Assistant setup to Homey and this far it’s great, but i have one weird situation which i can’t seem to figure out.
I have a Hue Tap, connected through the Hue Bridge, detected and working fine.

I’ve got 2 flows, to toggle something based on a press on that button :

Flows seem to be right, but it NEVER turns off the “Slaapstand”, it always turns it on, even if it’s already on.
Am i missing something ?


And your have not somewhere a hidden flow thats switch the Slaapstand off again??

So what happends if you manually switch the slaap stand, is it switching back after some time?

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If u don’t have any more actions/triggers for button 1 then u can make one flow of it with the ELSE cards.
IF button 1 is pressed AND slaapstand is uit THEN zet slaapstand aan ELSE zet slaapstand uit. Same goes for the rest of the cards ofc. ELSE cards can be made by making an extra card, click and hold till it turns a little greyed and then drag it below. Then hit the test button and see what happens.

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Wow. I didn’t know about the ELSE cards, holy shit. That is epic ! Thanks so much for the tip :smiley:

I fixed it now by making one flow that just toggles the Slaapstand. That works. Don’t know what it was, but fixed for now! Thanks for your reply

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