Homey switches hue off instantly

Hi all,

Homey switches my Hue lights instanly off when i switch them on. This happens since update 2.0
and earlier with other rooms and motion sensors then after when I have reset everything.
By that I mean, Hue, Homekit and Homey, all of them i have reset back to default and started all over. But sadly i have the same issue.

When, fe. the bathroom turns on by the motion sensor, Homey switches it off instantly. None of the other devices do this, not homekit and not hue itself. I know this, because when i shutdown Homey, it is working fine.
Before the major reset, it happened with other lights then now after the reset. So it has nothing to do with type of lamp. it happens with all the types, strips, bulbs, pears etc.

At this moment it happens with my kitchen, livingroom and bathroom. The other rooms are working fine.

I am using now 2.05-rc5 but still not solved. What can i expect? Someone has a resolution?

Which hue app are you using?

at a guess…

It sounds like you have a Homey Flow set to ‘TOGGLE’ the light on motion and your using Hue Bridge to do so as well…

So by the time Homey sees the trigger… it TOGGLES - in your case, turns it off…

This is easily tested by disabling the flows for one room…

of course, if you’ve no flows set up… then its not this

Just the original. But i am not using the app only, i also use homekit and hue motion sensors.

I dont have any toggle flows, that was too easy :slight_smile:
if i have, then i would have know after i have reset Homey to default.

The original = the Philips Hue app
Not a third party app, but the original.

How is that? You can add them in homey too… even without the bridge… but i dont have that.
And i was talking about PHILIPS hue app.

please stay on topic…

You installed the Athom-Philips-App?

And you added your lights to Homey but programmed your HUE-devices in your HUE controller? Tbh: I don’t understand what you created either…

Just the way arround. Added eveything to the hue bridge and then added the bridge to Homey.
Why? This is a very normal thing. And worked very well till 2.0
It is still working very well, in exeption that in some rooms the light switch off right after they are switched on, no matter how. It never happened, only right after update to 2.0
Then i reset everything back to default but that didn’t even helped. It is all working as long as homey is not on. When i unplug home, the lights stay on and it is not a specific flow

Try installing the Athom Hue app to control your bridge. Still lets you control your Hue lights via the bridge and it is the way Athom supports it. Using it without an app might have worked before, but apparently something has changed with Homey 2.0 - so you’ll have to take the supported route - via an app.

No issues at all here using it that way.

now let’s answer the OP’s question.

Homey only sends the ON command, when you select that in the flow editor.
If it turns off instantly there are 2 options for you left, you either have another flow that is counteracting your turning on.
or 2 you have in the bridge itself a routine that turns off the bulb again.
so please check your other flows if there are no flows that turn off the bulb again, and are interfering with your turn on flow.
Or if there are any routines that also turn off bulbs.

Oh, yes off cource i use that app. Without that it will never work.