Hue light to dim then off

Excellent, sorry I’ve been slowing getting back, was batch cooking. The Homey Hue (with bridge) app is coming along nicely

I use Aqara motion sensors on the Homey Pro 2019, Philips HUE app is always fast responding with the lights at least. I dont use motion sensors from hue, to overpriced :sweat_smile:

Must have a look, I have 3 hue sensors and they work great but the cost has put me off buying more and I could do with another 5 or 6

I have a few of those as well :slight_smile:
The issue witch i have was not an issue with the Hue sensor, because i put timeline cards after each step to see what happend if the lights did not go off, and it seemed that the commands were being sent, but not executed !? … anyhow, i will test with zone setup to see if that changes anything.

For controlling my hue lights I use the Philips hue app. But for my hue motion sensors I use the ‘Philips hue without the bridge’ app. In this way the delay is far less. I had a couple of hue motion sensors already before I bought my homey.

Updating the bridge to Matter and using the matter version of Hue bridge in Homey immensly improved the reaction time for me.

@ Axel_Stuiver
How can you check whether your Hue Bridge already has the Matter version? And how do you check whether Homey Pro 2023 also uses matter via Hue?

The reference in this post tells you most of it.

Matter is built into Homey firmware and has no app that you need to load. Hue bridges can be connected as a Matter device to Homey. It has been stable and fast with Hue motion sensors.

@rizzah How are you doing?

Regarding your experience with Matter, there may be some cases where people see the devices going offline. It may have to do with their type of Wifi network, Wifi settings, and Homey’s connection to it. See here for more info.

Your issue is that some devices do not seem to receive the command consistently, right?

I doubt you will find the solution in working with zones, which is btw my favorite to work with.
I would start by registering your lamps to your Hue bridge(s), which is by far the preferred starting point.

Can you show your last flow? I have a few ideas you can check:

  • Too many simultaneous commands to lamps in the same Hue bridge
  • Wifi connection poor or Homey flipping between multiple access points
    And even
  • Homey power adapter unstable

@Rrrr Since last Friday, all my issues seem to have disappeared. I was talking with support on Thursday, and figured i would make a list of issues last weekend, and all of the sudden lights went off again when no motion was detected. I have no idea what was changed since i had this issue starting somewhere in December.

For now, i did try again to add two of the tree bridges using matter again, which so far, seems to work fine.

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How do I connect as a matter device? I have the Philips Hue app and the without a bridge app.

Hello @Rrrr I got my hue also using with matter and the delay card isn’t there anymore.

I have seen your flow how to make a delay and slowly fade in or out.

But do you have a simple example because it doesn’t work for me

Hi @Menomenic and welcome!
I gave an example here. You just need two Chronograph cards and one DIM card to make it work:

  1. Start or replace transition: give it a name like HWDimDuring (for dimming)
  2. Transition has reached a step: use the same name.

If you have trouble with the Chronograph pick field (a list of existing Chronograph names should pop up to allow you to select a previously created and saved name in an enabled flow), do not worry.
Alternative: just enter the exact name eg. HWDimDuring in the second field “Name” and leave the Pick field empty(!) in both Chronograph cards.