Hue add new light bulbs

When I want to add a new light bulb from Hue bridge to Homey, I see all the bulbs that are not imported yet. But instead of the button below says next (volgende) it says exit (sluiten). When I add a dimmer switch I do see next (volgende). Seems like a little bug in add bulb functionality. is this the correct channel to address this?

Hi Yomey,
Athom is not reading the forum (at least not all). The place to report bugs on homey itself and on apps build by athom is the athom page.

For Apps created by users, the apps page of the specific app normally shows a link for bug reporting (often on github).

For the issue you report…
Cannot check because I have most of my Hue devices installed.

What could be the case:
When there are multiple devices, you 1st need to select one before the “next“ button appears.
I see If there is only one device, athom will preselect it for you. So the “next” button appears right away.


Did you actually select (blue checkmark) any Hue bulb in the list?

Thanks for thinking with me. But off course I tried ‘everything’ so far. But the app keeps giving me the only option closing (sluiten). Maybe it’s due to the amount of bulbs not synced yet. But there’s nothing to do about that. Or is there a way to only pass certain lightbulbs from Hue Hub to Homey? Otherwise I will report a bug as suggested before and keep you here posted (for whom it concerns)