New Philips Hue lamps not appearing in HP23

I’ve added some new lamps to my Philips Hue bridge a couple of days ago, but they are not appearing in my HP23. I’ve restarted the Philips Hue app on the Homey, the bridge, the Homey, but they are not appearing. The lamps work perfectly with the iOS Hue app. What is going wrong here?

Do you have added those lamps under “new device” → Philips Hue to Homey?

No, I added them in the iOS Hue app, and assumed the Homey Philips Hue app would pick up the changes eventually from the api stream, like it does when I edit scenes or rooms/zones.

It won’t.

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[APP] Philips Hue by Athom

Ah, right. There is no link to this forum section on the app page (at least not under ‘contact’ or ’support’ and a general Google search apparently lead me to the wrong section. Got it now :slight_smile:

So I noticed.

But solved it. I discovered I need to ‘add new device’ in Homey as well. After selection the Hue bridge and device type, it discovered the missing lamps.

So the new lamps do appear in Homey, but not at the place where you were looking :grin: