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[HOWTO][PRO] Use SoundBoard with Google Chromecast

I was searching for a while to play SoundBoard sounds via my Google Chromecast.
I found a way how to do this.



    • Install the soundboard app and Chromecsast app
    • Go to App settings
    • Click on SoundBoard and upload a mp3
    • Delete all commands in the input field
    • Paste this command:
      Homey.apps.getAppSettings({id: 'com.athom.soundboard'})
    • Copy sound ID
    • Create a flow in Homey
    • In the THEN part use the Chromecast Cast Sound card with the following url:

It works also with the Sonos app. So I guess it will work with every entertainment system where you are able to play something from URL.

Thanks for the great tip! :+1:t3:

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@fantross you’re welcome :slight_smile:
Sonos has a integrated Flowcard for this. So that’s what triggered me to find this out

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