Howto include the Zipato bulb 2?

I want ot include the bulb 2 from Zipato. Ik think i have followed all instructions:

  • installed the zipato app
  • the bulb was less than 20 cm away from homey
  • at the intruction to swich on the bulp (what i did) the bulp flashed and moved to 5% (= exclusion)
  • at the instruction to swich on the bulb again (what i did) the bulb flashed 2x (= reset) and after a few seconds the bulb flashed 1x (=inclusion mode)

After waiting for more than one minute i get the message something wend wrong during adding […] try again (but than in dutch)

I did ths now already 10+ times with different bulbs but the problem persists.

can someone tell me what i do wrong?

I found the solution and i will share it with all of you who had the same problem:

reset the bulb by turning the bulb on 6 times within 6 seconds
(The bulb will flash one time and after a small time double flash)

turn the bulb off!

start the app and press the + sign (add a device), Select Zipato and Bulb2

Turn the bulb on when requested
(The bulb will double-flash and dim to 5%)

Turn the bulb off and on when requested
(The bulb will flash and dubble flash)

wait a bit longer and the bulb will be added