Zipato bulb 2

can someone help me to install zipato bulb 2 on my homey

:joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry for laughing.

and now serious, what you want us to do… driven to your house helping you or…

Lets start that you explane whats not exactly working and what did you do already.

because at the moment i think we have a bigger change to win the lottery then we guess whats not working with your bulb.

so what firmware your homey is, wich app version (zipato)
what you already did….ect ect is there a error mentiond or what lot of ??? at the moment

  • What doesn’t work for you?
  • What version of the app did you install?
  • The stable or the beta version?
  • Which bulb do you have?
  • Is it supported according to the app?

it works great

Cool :thinking: in that case, can some modorator close this topic because its solved then :sunglasses:

So this is solved somehow or?

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